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© 2020 Paid for by Friends of Chase Wilhelm

Service before self ... It's an ethos I have committed myself to and continue to live by each day. It's with this commitment to placing the interests, communities, economy, and people of the 95th District first that I seek your support.

This race, perhaps now more than ever, is less about beating an opponent and more about winning for the people who we call neighbors.

Focusing on the issues we face day in and day out as citizens of this state and great country is my concern. Giving a voice in our General Assembly to those of us who continue to work overtime and juggle multiple jobs just to put bread on the table each day is my concern. Providing leadership and unwavering commitment to the betterment of our communities and the State of Illinois as a whole is my concern.

I'm seeking not simply your support, but the opportunity to walk beside you and serve this district as I have our country, committing myself to working as hard for our community each and every day, as we all do for our future. Together.